KMC HQ is Melbourne's leading facility that delivers the very best combined and stand alone Krav Maga learning experiences. KMC’s mission is to create a better future for everyone by ensuring that you have the skills to stay safe, gain strength and fitness, have the ability to provide life saving support when needed. We call all of this being “KMC SAFE”.


Military, Law Enforcement, Paramedics or Firefighters this is a turning point for your ability and health. KMC Tactical Systems are purpose to reduce stress, increase skills, strengthening movement capabilities, accessing mobility and correctly use compensation all for you to increase your ability to perform at your highest level. If your looking to move up to a specialist group or just want to be ready every day for what ever you may face, KMC is your best chance of achieving your goals without injury.

The passion and precision that the KMC Instructor Team are known for is a testament to their leading technical quality and their ability to further every experience at KMC HQ. It is this quality that creates a better training environment, helping to improve the skills and health of students.
Delivering the highest standard of Krav Maga training and Tactical Fitness for your physical improvement, KMC instructors are and have learnt from renowned Israeli-trained experts and instructors. KMC HQ training prides its self on its safe and reliable approach that restores functionality and de-stresses students through physical eustress (good stress). Training with KMC is an experience that you can only fully appreciate once you have taken part.

KMC leads the way in physical learning, enabling you to improve yourself and become a better, stronger, safer you.

High threat situations can be the final situation you are ever in or one you will never forget. If it is your job to move towards or it is simply a bad day and you are caught up in a active a bad situation the outcome is always balancing on the knifes edge.

It is the moment that you recognise the opportunity to defend yourself or to defend another with developed tactical skills and strength that your training will matter the most. Professional sports and other continued achievement realms have put training in the wrong mind set for the majority of the population. Many people don’t see the value in training for something that may never happen but call upon those like yourself whenever needed; and still can have heavy criticism about those people that train for the seconds that count.

KMC TACTICAL SYSTEMS HEALTH STRENGTH AND FITNESS membership is designed to heighten the skills and ability of those that want or need to be ready for the seconds that count. When adrenalin pumps through the body like a battlefield of warriors surging to war, it is not the fury or the determination that will achieve the needed outcome. It is the controlled training that built fast effective skill sets, it is the collected and focused mindset that will endure the pressure and overcome the fears.

Its your KMC Tactical training that will see you complete the job and get home safe.