Kids Safe

KMC HQ is Melbourne's leading facility that delivers the very best combined and stand alone Krav Maga learning experiences. KMC’s mission is to create a better future for everyone by ensuring that you have the skills to stay safe, gain strength and fitness, have the ability to provide life saving support when needed. We call all of this being “KMC SAFE”. 


KMC teaches Kids from the ages of 4 upwards in skills to enhance there confidence and build there physical abilities. Unlike many other establishments KMC has a ethical purpose to teaching children the correct use of force application and the communicational skills to inform trusted adults. The classes delivered by KMC are not a drop and go option children learn how to protect them selves and communicate their situation to the trusted adult that is in attendance.


Building the communication bond between parents, gardens, trusted adults and children is as important to KMC as children understanding the difference between “small people” and “bib people”. Developing children ability to problem solve from verbal becoming loud and moving away to physically protecting themselves, KMC is a leader in the development of Child Safety.