Health Strength & Fitness

The passion and precision that the KMC Instructor Team are known for is a testament to their leading technical quality and their ability to further every experience at KMC HQ. It is this quality that creates a better training environment, helping to improve the skills and health of students.
Delivering the highest standard of Krav Maga training and Tactical Fitness for your physical improvement, KMC instructors are and have learned from renowned Israeli-trained experts and instructors. KMC HQ training prides its self on its safe and reliable approach that restores functionality and de-stresses students through physical eustress (good stress). Training with KMC is an experience that you can only fully appreciate once you have taken part.
KMC leads the way in physical learning, enabling you to improve yourself and become a better, stronger, safer you.


What is Tactical Fitness?

Tactical Fitness is purpose driven fitness, it is not a way to work out and get good at workouts or another way to develop big zero purpose muscles. Tactical fitness is a programmed strength and conditioning methodology that reduces work related stress and injury concerns while increasing a persons ability to preform in there chosen field.

Defining differences between Tactical fitness and other forms of health improvement are:
Focused mobility training to remove work-related repetitive stresses
Workloads and durations that challenge the neurological system
Movement development that increases functionality in the chosen tactical field
Stress control and active cognitive assessment
Progressive and regressive movement coaching during workouts
Compensation and pre workload assessment to reduce the effects of DOMS (delayed onset muscular soreness) keep you in an effective working state