KMC HQ is Melbourne's leading facility that delivers the very best combined and stand alone Krav Maga learning experiences. KMC’s mission is to create a better future for everyone by ensuring that you have the skills to stay safe, gain strength and fitness, have the ability to provide life saving support when needed. We call all of this being “KMC SAFE”.


The passion and precision that the KMC Instructor Team are known for is a testament to their leading technical quality and their ability to further every experience at KMC HQ. It is this quality that creates a better training environment, helping to improve the skills and health of students.

Delivering the highest standard of Krav Maga training and Tactical Fitness for your physical improvement, KMC instructors are and have learnt from renowned Israeli-trained experts and instructors. KMC HQ training prides its self on its safe and reliable approach that restores functionality and de-stresses students through physical eustress (good stress). Training with KMC is an experience that you can only fully appreciate once you have taken part.
KMC leads the way in physical learning, enabling you to improve yourself and become a better, stronger, safer you.

A good training partner is one of the largest quality factors in your training that you have little control over, but by leading through example you can inspire others or direct others to be a good training partner for you. If everyone is dedicated to becoming safer and higher skilled then the focus on being both a good attacker and delivering controlled response will go hand in hand.
Failing to be a good training partner can come in many ways, from poor delivery of attacks or the inability to allow the defender to effectively practice targeting strikes after an attack. As an attacker our most important roll is the delivery of a targeted attack, this attack should always be delivered at an appropriate speed. Our goal is to challenge the skill of our partner while keeping them safe from serious harm. When learning to defend an attack a person is also learning to recognise so the slowing of the initial stages of an attack can be one of the more important stages of training in early development. Once a training partner can assess that an attack is imminent their ability to commit to the defence becomes stronger in intention, this increases confidence and reduces time delay in response.
As an attacker your ability to allow a defender to continue counter striking without your self digressing to the internal flight mode can be initially a difficult task. We are not built to stand an allow someone to send what we can perceive as threatening actions towards ourselves. With time the emotional value of this circumstance will reduce and confidence in your training partners will increase as you receive controlled counter strikes with little to no damage. This is also a form of conditioning to allow your self the time under controlled stress to become comfortable in a force application/striking situation. The ability to look past the initial fear of being hit and rationalise a point in time to return or become the person at tactical advantage.
Eventually as an attacker you want to watch the response the defender makes and the counter strikes that they deliver. When you find yourself in a violent encounter it will most likely have multiple sways in tactical advantage, in short “you will give a few knocks and take a few knocks” before the situation dissolves or comes under control. Understanding that you will inevitably fail at landing a strike or be defended is important for your warrior mentality, this does not define the moment you lost but is simply a sway in tactical advantage and you will in turn need to regain that advantage. By lowering the stress and watching a defender train, you will be blue printing ranges and counter striking options taken by the defender, this will then improve your training in later stages when instructed on defending a counter attack from a failed engagement. Phrased as “Warrior mode” this training and ability to regain tactical advantage from the first counter is a much sure after ability and will take dedication and time to accomplish.