KMC HQ is Melbourne's leading facility that delivers the very best combined and stand alone Krav Maga learning experiences. KMC’s mission is to create a better future for everyone by ensuring that you have the skills to stay safe, gain strength and fitness, have the ability to provide life saving support when needed. We call all of this being “KMC SAFE”.

The passion and precision that the KMC Instructor Team are known for is a testament to their leading technical quality and their ability to further every experience at KMC HQ. It is this quality that creates a better training environment, helping to improve the skills and health of students.


Delivering the highest standard of Krav Maga training and Tactical Fitness for your physical improvement, KMC instructors are and have learnt from renowned Israeli-trained experts and instructors. KMC HQ training prides its self on its safe and reliable approach that restores functionality and de-stresses students through physical eustress (good stress). Training with KMC is an experience that you can only fully appreciate once you have taken part.
KMC leads the way in physical learning, enabling you to improve yourself and become a better, stronger, safer you.

KMC female Only Classes are comprised of a tactical workout to increase females strength and learn one or tow defences against female dominate attacks. This safe and fun class has been enjoyed by many females and allows all females of any ability to get the most out of training with KMC in a all female environment.

The KMC Female Priority Self Defence Course (FPSD)
KMC FPSD has changed the lives of many females and NOW is available to change more anywhere in Australia!
The 12 week FPSD course is available as a 12week single season course or a 2 Day 12 hour learning experience and workshop. This female empowering course was developed to deliver ‘NEED TO KNOW SKILLS” for females to protect themselves against Sexual assault. Covering all of the most important and confronting attacks women may encounter, we have now add a “Cars & Control” situational learning component. Covering a wider range of situations in and around vehicles, introducing 3rd party protection for children, domestic violence de escalation and mental strengthening drills.

This course is currently on run by demand in either of the two formates, please email KMC for further details.

We have refined and improved this course to effectively teach women to understand their situation and have an awareness that empowers them every day. With the confidence that comes from knowing you have the skills and ability to protect yourself or others you love. We are changing the way Females look at the world and themselves, improving their live and ability to deal with all forms of stress. Empowering females to stand with authority and demand their space, safety and respect.
It’s time to gather you friends, colleagues and loved ones and book a course with KMC today. Training at KMCHQ or at a location near you is available by arrangement and with pre booking of 10+ students.